About US

About Us

CBDFive team have been working in the VAPE industry for over 5 years.

We used to partnered with the most famous vape brands.

After we found out that there are chaos in the new flourishing concentrate vape industry, witnessing some vape shops taking advantages

of the lack of knowledge of new vapers , we decided to make the most reliable

and user-friendly vape starter kits designed for concentrate oil vape !

We spent half the year to design, manufacture and test our first vape pen starter kit.

We keep seeking for safe and qualified material, safe and decent

heating method, eye-catching design and providing 100% responsible and responsive customer services.

We have encounter difficulties like our first website was hacked and hijacked since 17th Feb 2019

(www.cbd-five.com is not our official website so is the

email address with this domain ex-***@cbd-five.com)

We rebuilt our official website here!

The only HOME of CBDFive is


We are extremely excited to receive feedback from our customers like:

“Your battery lasts forever been using it everyday before bed “

You know, the feeling is amazing. We are here to help that’s why we

started our business.

We firmly believe that we will

make a difference as long as we persevere to provide good products and customer service.